Ceramic Coating

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What is Ceramic Coating?

To make it simple, ceramic coatings are extremely durable long term paint protections that bonds with your clear coat that act like an extra higher performance clear coat for the exterior of your car. They not only add UNBELIEVABLE gloss and shine to the paint, but they also protect the paint like nothing else and add hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties to the paint. We don’t mean months worth of protection… We mean up to lifetime protection!

Do you need to get paint correction with the ceramic coating?

Yes and no and we will explain why paint correction is a simple defect removal process we perform on every vehicle before applying a ceramic coating. Because ceramic coatings are a form of permanent paint protection, we need to ensure that the surface is as scratch free as possible so that the nano ceramic coating can bond properly to the car paint. We know how car’s here in New England  have to endure crazy weather, and the fact is paint defects are inevitable. We want to create a flawless finish before installing any form of permanent paint protection to keep your vehicle in TOP Condition!

You can do it without performing the correction but you may not get the full lifetime of the coating.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

9H Hardness for Unbelievable Scratch and Chip resistance

Ultra Hydrophobic

Self-cleaning Properties

Super Glossy and deep paint effect

Protects from UV, Oxidation and acid rain damage

Less Maintenance

Years of Protection from Corrosion and Contaminants

Protect your investment with Ceramic Coating !

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